About Solihull LMC

The LMC is an independent body statutorily recognised, by successive NHS Acts since 1911, as the sole professional organisation representing GPs and their practices to the Area Team and CCGs.

The LMC represents the views of GPs to any other appropriate organisation or agency. Unlike the BMA, it is not a trade union and is funded by contributions from GP practices.

The 1999 NHS Act extended the LMC role to include representation of all GPs, whatever their contractual/employment status this includes GMS GPs, PMS GPs, Sessionalss, Locums, Trainees.

Although there have been countless changes within the NHS and community care, LMCs across the UK are the single element of continuity throughout all the reorganisations since the NHS was established and will continue to do so as the future unfolds.

Solihull LMC was formed in 1974 when it separated from Warwickshire and holds its meetings on the first Monday of every month (unless that falls on a Bank Holiday- then it is the following Monday).

Salaried and Sessional GPs

Solihull salaried and locum GPs have been represented by a sessional GP representative within the Solihull LMC over recent years.

It is difficult to maintain an up-to-date list of sessional GPs working in Solihull LMC practices due to the fluid nature of this type of GP work, so in 2016 the Solihull Sessional GP group was created for GPs who live or work in Solihull.

Any salaried GP who is employed by a Solihull LMC practice can expect to be represented by the LMC because the practice pays a levy for each GP who works for them.

If you are a locum GP who would like to be represented by and become part of Solihull LMC, you can pay for an annual membership. This will enable full access to the LMC website and the benefits noted below. Please contact us if you would like to join as a locum member.

Becoming part of the committee

You are welcome to come to observe committee meetings; you may decide you would like to join the committee to represent your colleagues.

There are currently vacancies on the committee; please contact Anant Malde for further information.

By becoming a member of the LMC, you will benefit from the following:-

  • Advice when you need it – ask the LMC when you don’t know who else to ask – we’re here to help.
  • Advice and support with ethical queries.
  • Support from our excellent website, which is updated with current need to know information for GPs on a regular basis.
  • Contract checking if you decide to move into a different role.
  • Advice about appraisal or revalidation.
  • Pastoral care.
  • Practice disputes and complaints about other GPs .
  • Help with Performance Assessments.
  • Advice about Contracts. 
  • Advice about Complaints.
  • Workforce Planning, Recruitment & Retention.

3, Grove Road, Solihull B91 2AG

Tel: 0121 705 1105

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